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Nixie And The Forbidden Heroes Of The World is an All-New Superhero Sci Fi Romance in Berlin - told from the point of view of Nixie, an estranged young woman with an incredible fate ahead of her that will reshape the history of mankind.

Broken after the death of her parents and the curse of her family's heritage, Nixie, an estranged young woman isolates herself over the guilt and mystery of the sudden loss, only to discover the tragedy has awoken her sleeping gifts.

She's lured to a virtual reality where users are actively monitored and trained to become weapons in the real world by secret interests. Unaware of her own fate, Starnova, an ex-leader of a band of forbidden heroes, steps in to save and recruit her into their ranks.

Together they unravel a conspiracy of an impending doomsday that heralds Nixie as the key to its coming, and the bringers of this judgement day, might be the heroes themselves...

Nixie must undergo a journey of self-discovery, love and redemption to put her past behind and stand up to the trials ahead.

This is a stylish Superhero Science Fiction Romance Novel, Book One in the series. There is action, adventure, romance, humor, mystery and time travel with an epic twist.

Rated R for Language, Sex and Science Fiction Violence.

Nixie And The Forbidden Heroes Of The New World

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