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To you who are great yet dormant and to you who are powerful, but asleep, then to you, brothers and sisters, the time has come for you to rise up and embrace the mantle of who you were meant to be.


The world cannot change for the better nor can it flourish by those who are uncertain in themselves and their own power. Earth has unleashed its fever to dismantle the infectious plague that has threatened to destroy it, and you, great titan, you were made to be a part of this destiny. This book was specifically tailored as a cornerstone of PSI (Peace Seeking Intelligence), a multi-national collaboration of individuals across the world coming together to create a better tomorrow.


There are several subjects from the small to the great covered in this book which includes, but not limited to:- Affirmations- Neutral-Positive Thinking- Consciousness, Spirit, Universal-Consciousness and Creational Power- Sociology and Societal Practices. An observation.- Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions.- Pushing your Dreams- Inspiration and Motivation.- Truth...and much more.

The Titan Within

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