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After CIA scientists and The Scion—Lea, a psionic operative—open a portal to another dimension, a creature from the other side emerges, neutralizes everyone, and takes Lea. Jace, the former leader of a secret task force known as Nova, is summoned by Stone, the head of the Scion CIA research program, to reassemble his former team, which comprises Xenia, a Herald with telekinetic abilities from another world; Aiden, an imposing brute with unmatched strength; Scott, a brilliant scientist who was influenced by Einstein; and convince Lars, an extraterrestrial hunter seeking justice, to join their ranks.

Together, they must strive to put aside their pasts and overcome their differences to unify and discover their inner power, which they'll need to triumph over not just finding Lea but the monster that took her, who carries the answers to the enigmatic mystery of The Virol—an artificial plague with sentient capabilities that decimated ancient civilizations across the galaxy. This weapon of mass destruction was covered up by the ET Federation Syraise because of Adron, the exile—a god who usurped control of the weapon and defied death itself.

Sci-Ops: Nova : Special Edition

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