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From The #1 Bestselling Author of Nyxe, comes Cognata - A Modern Vampire Romance Novel like no other. It's time to take Vampires to a New, Bold, Reawakening. Vampires are not what you think. They aren't your friends. They're not supposed to be your lovers. Welcome to the dark world of true nightwalkers, where feeding on blood, will be the least of your worries.


Sam, a former writer finally meets his online girlfriend Alexia in person, but she unveils a dark secret - she's a living, breathing vampire. Torn between his love for her and the inability to believe her outlandish claims, he finds himself driven by his heart to uncover the forbidden truths behind Alexia, and the shadow world she's dabbled in that has secretly controlled mankind since the dawn of our modern civilization. So, is she insane or is this all for real?


Toss her perfect features aside and maybe, it's a bit of both. Sam is about to find himself right at the beginning of a no-brakes rollercoaster that might just end up costing him his life, all because of his, aching, blood-soaked heart. Silly humans...

Cognata: A Vampire Romance

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