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Support The PSI HERO Expansion (Roadmap)

The PSI Hero Expansion is the upcoming work that our development team, consisting of Jedi, ePeceTEK, and Ekaterina, along with supplemental staff such as GM Mangaia, among others, have begun work on creating. PSI Hero has been known for its consistent updates, usually weekly. However, a pause had to happen after two years of back-to-back updates. We transformed a buggy mess of a server with outdated code to the point that Void code is actually a downgrade for our server.

We march ahead to provide new content for our players in the hope that it will not only improve the server for veterans but also offer newbies a chance to climb the ladder and become a worthy Hero in their own right, regardless of F2P or Donor status. It is imperative to acknowledge that donors are instrumental in maintaining the server's health and long-term energy. This game is not a hobby. Me, Jedi Reach, am a full-time worker on this server, which is why I have earned my title as Owner of our PSI Hero game because this is my main job.

So, we made valuable things to show how much it cost to make something and what we needed to do to reach our goals. Developers are people too. We need to eat, work, pay bills, and sleep. For us, working full-time requires many moving parts. These blogs, on the other hand, are intended to facilitate greater transparency regarding the thought processes and the underlying vision. We are opening up for donors to donate directly to the expansion instead of just getting PSI Cash. Naturally, individuals have the option to contribute to PSI Cash and the expansion if that is their preference. Please note that if you are donating for either, you will need to be specific. Contributors will receive special rewards for their donations toward the expansion and the developer's promotion costs.

To attain these goals means we need to work as a team. Instead of enabling gambling addictions by creating loot boxes, we are directly asking our community for help in raising the necessary funds. Now, where are these funds going?

  • Developers have bills to pay, such as rent, food, and internet.

  • Developers dedicate their hard-earned time toward these projects and deserve something for their time.

  • Reverse-engineering code and client-side machine data is harder than making it from scratch. Many of the problems we face are dealing with an old engine and trying to update it for modern times.

  • Outsourcing. While our team of developers is strong, we need to outsource for several programs, additional workers, and other mandatory needs.

  • Promotion. To finally celebrate this work, we need to put it out there. Through Google Ads, through Facebook Ads, and other means of promotion, including word of mouth.

Keeping this server cheat, exploit, and toxic-free requires hard, continuous work, and while our server is good now, there is always room for improvement. Numerous other systems, including minor bugs and client upgrades, are all necessary to perform. Now, we move into the actual features of the expansion and the time frames.


How does it work? There's an NPC Housing Vendor with 3 to 5 options:

A) F2P apartments for about 300 million up to 3 billion gold.

B) PSI Cash Mansion Donation Tier 1: 300k PSI CASH.

C) PSI Cash Mansion Donation Tier 2: 600k PSI CASH.

D) PSI Cash Mansion Donation Tier 3: 900K PSI CASH.

  • The player goes to an NPC housing vendor and pays X amount of gold (F2P).

  • The player gains access to a map they can invite themselves and party members only to.

  • PSI Casher (donor) goes to the NPC Housing Vendor and pays in PSI CASH.

  • PSI Casher (Donor) gains access to a bigger, special map where they can also potentially bring in NPCs to grind with. (That last part might be a lot to work with, so if it's too much, forget it. The point is that donors get greater, bigger, and better maps.)


  • Only applicable for Reborn 1+ up to Reborn 4.

  • These dungeons are special dungeons so we'll use Master Merlin and add another option for "Phoenix Dungeons."

  • Phoenix Dungeons scale based on level, so basically we want these mobs to never be 1-shotted. If someone is super geared, then they'd 2-shot them at best, but never 1 shot. Ideally, we want the majority of the bulk of players to 3-shot and even 4-shot.

  • These dungeons are only for Reborn, and just like the normal ones that have non-divine, divine, and dark, there also must be Phoenix non-divine, Phoenix divine, and Phoenix dark.

  • We're basically copying the original dungeons and just making them for Reborn (as Phoenix dungeons).

  • Since there's 4 Reborn stages, then there will technically have to be 4 Reborn Scalable Phoenix Dungeons.

  • These dungeons need to award tons of EXP because they are designed to shoot players through the levels very quickly so they can get through the various reborn phases quickly.

  • There will be no timeout or lockout for these dungeons, since they will be very hard anyway.


  • Solo dungeons were a big success, so all we have to do is change this for Arena as well.

  • Basically, we change the arena to a solo queue and randomize teams.


  • We're working on completing these special Reborn phase sets that can be used for your reborn or reincarnation journeys from Reborn phase 1 all the way up to Reborn phase 4.

  • These are special sets, featuring new art that we're implementing into the game.

  • These sets will be the most powerful sets in the game and also boost one's EXP gain tremendously, as can already be seen with the current Legendary Phoenix Weapons, which will also feature upgrades for each Reborn phase.


  • The goal is to create more than one path to the mountain top.

  • As such, this process will already begin next week by increasing EXP for all Sawas, in addition to creating new grinding areas and areas dedicated to materials.

  • We want players to have fun, pause on their journeys, say a Reborn 1 or 2 at Divine, and enjoy their time playing Divine.

  • Dungeons will also receive EXP boosts as well.

  • The entire initial 1 to 300 process will be massively improved and sped up, especially for newer players and we will offer alternate areas that will make it easier for players to grind and level up..


  • More Pantheon based gear to come, especially gear for Reborn phase sets.

  • For example, the current Master Yama is for non-Reborns, but there will be Reborn-specific sets to continue players' journeys as they venture through the non-divine, divine, and dark.

  • All this is to assure that all evolution levels, regardless of wherever the player chooses to be, is enjoyable.

  • Pantheon tokens will be extended to other bosses as well thanks to the success of Tori.

  • Tori's loot will continue to be updated as he is a pillar of boss possibility.

The estimated time frame for all this work is within 1 to 3 months, max. We're hoping for one month, but it depends on how much funding we can raise to achieve these goals. I am of the strong disposition that these changes will make the entire game more fun for everyone, F2P and donor alike. Instead of asking people to buy PSI Cash, I am asking you to support the expansion development efforts directly. We really wish to make PSI Hero a better place and we need your help to do so.

You can help us by donating via Stripe or PayPal:

Just make sure you specify that you are contributing toward the expansion pool.

So, to recap:

To put together everything for the expansion, we are directly asking for your help.

  • Between development costs, there are other costs, such as outsourcing, that are mandatory for expansion opportunities.

  • All staff are to be compensated for their collective efforts between development, administration, events, and execution of the vision.

  • As such, instead of just asking you guys to buy PSI CASH, we're asking you to DIRECTLY SUPPORT FUNDING THE EXPANSION.

  • Direct supporters will be known as contributors, and indeed, you will get special rewards such as a mansion or special map for your housing, plus a Supra-Temporal-Ki set, which is the next upgrade for Ultra Ki.

  • In addition, more goodies are to be rewarded.

  • While everyone cannot make the same donation amount, we are asking you guys, as a community, above “PSI Cash,” to please support us in making this expansion.

  • It is very time-consuming, and this is NOT a HOBBY for us!

  • This is a FULL-TIME JOB for some of us, so please, be considerate that we are not asking to take money and run (we've been here since 2022; we're not a cash grab) but the realistic truth is that this type of work is… massive.

  • WE ESTIMATE THE CURRENT POOL TO BE $3,000 USD MINIMUM UP TO $10,000 MAXIMUM ($550 USD raised so far)

  • If we can at least make something of our minimum and maximum goals, then this is good enough, and we will divide accordingly among @Staff.

  • This is us being open, direct, and honest with you instead of feeding you gambling-addict loot boxes to make you spend stupidly and clean out your mom's bank account.

  • Again, your money is directly going into paying developers, engineers, programmers, and administrators for their time and effort.

  • If you are interested in support, please send via PayPal ONLY to, and please label your donation for friends and family or label it as “Support for PSI Hero's Expansion.”

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11 commentaires

4 days ago

Absolutely thrilled about the PSI HERO Expansion! The dedication from Jedi Reach, ePeceTEK, Ekaterina, and the entire team is commendable. It's clear how much passion and hard work goes into maintaining and improving our beloved server. This transparent approach to funding, focusing on direct support over exploitative loot boxes, is refreshing and honorable. I'm excited for the new content, scalable dungeons, housing options, and more. Let's rally together to make this expansion a reality! #SupportPSIHEROExpansion. Karenwithastick


Alex Harness
Alex Harness
16 mai

I can't believe the timeline is only 1-3 months! That's amazing. As a bit of a lower level player since I just haven't had as much time lately, I'm especially excited about all the changes for new players/"low" level players (not dark in other words lol). I can't wait to see the new house function and maps as well. Particularly maps for farming materials. Can't have too many maps that's for sure. There's more than enough coming soon that I'm already planning to contribute towards the expansion pool next paycheck.



Zdravko Petrov
Zdravko Petrov
15 mai

ThI'm excited for this expansion! It's the best private server experience and has the most amazing community you could ever ask for. - Bakura


Jen R
Jen R
15 mai

Well thought out plan! Good job


Karl September
Karl September
15 mai

Sup Fam.

This is going to be a real awesome expansion and i cant wait dor this to happen all in due time ofcourse so many exciting stuff to happen bring back the OG's of the game Soon this will be the best private Mmo of all time where you can rest your mind and mingle with players from around the world Big ups to Jedi and Team you guys are doing wonders truely amazing.


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